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'Trouvise is a sister company and recruitment arm of Chariosl Limited with a mission to find and recruit top tech talent for companies seeking them.
'Trouv' is from the French word 'Trouvez' which means find while' ise' is from the Yoruba word work. You are invited to a community who use Trouvise to find the global jobs that they love.

Trouvise is a community of tech designers, developers, engineers created by Charisol Limited. We started Trouvise with the belief that Africa has top talent deserving of global recognition. Trouvise is run by technology enthusiasts with backgrounds in software development, project management and digital marketing.

After discovering the global gap between demand and supply of tech talent, we began Trouvise by connecting highly skilled developers in our network to companies seeking their skills. Six months later, with more interest in our applicants than we could count, we extended our reach to talents outside our network to find exceptional tech talents in Africa.

We are on a mission to create an online community of exceptional African designers and developers and help them find fulfillment working with globally minded companies and diverse teams. We have 100+ vetted talents in the area of UI/UX Design, Front End Development, Backend Development, DevOps, Mobile App Development (Android), Product Management, with over 200 in our vetting pipeline. We are currently working on growing our database to over 500 engineers and designers.

Certainly not. The only contract you need to worry about is with your employer. You can always leave a job you are not happy with provided you give the stipulated notice stated in your contract.

Because our community is remote, we are able to reduce our cost of operation so can we pay you what you deserve. Our community members currently earn up to N1M monthly.

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I got a contract job through Touvise in February 2018 with a US Blockchain company. Through the concierge service, I basically attended interviews with companies interested in my skill set, which allowed me focus on the projects I was working on at the time without having to worry about job hunting. As a Full Stack Developer, I know I have very valuable skills. Trouvise helped connect me with a company that pays value for my work


Software Engineer, UI/UX Designer - Nigeria, Freecodecamp Speaker

By leveraging technology, we connect companies with tech and design talents, for contract, full-time remote or relocation job opportunities.

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